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A big thank you to Mikarose for the dress giveaway and everyone that took the time to enter the giveaway.  One way to get a bonus entry was to share with us why you love your mom.  We received some amazing comments about why you love your mothers and we just had to share:

I love everything about my mom. She has always been there for me no matter what. I feel very lucky to have had that support growing up and even now. I also love the little things…like I will never be able to replicate her recipes because what exactly is a “pinch” or “not to much”. :) — Amy H.

The best thing about Mom is that she’s the most loving and accepting person I know. Patience and spunk. She’s the best. She did an amazing job as a mom. Makes me hope I’ll be even a fraction as good as she is. — Stephanie W.

I love the strength and patience my mom has for enduring all 6 of my siblings — she became a housewife to take care of all of us and she cooked more dishes than she had to because we all had different preferences. She’s truly amazing. — BunnyB

Our lucky winner is…

quinn-curtisQuinn Curtis!

Quinn, who actually has a baby on the way, will win a $60 gift certificate to Mikarose.  Quinn had this to say about her awesome mom:

I love how my mom is always there when I need her and is happy to drop everything to help me if needed. It’s always nice to know she’s there, she cares and is my biggest fan. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

If you’ve had your heart set on a Mikarose dress, check them out on www.mikarose.com, at Costco or their new store at Provo Towne Center.  They have some great discount prices there.

Stay tuned for our next great giveaway!

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7 thoughts on “Mikarose Dress Giveaway Winner

  1. Oh my goodness!!! I'm so excited! I can't believe it! Woke up feeling a bit drab and dumpy and then saw this and it made my day!!! Thank you so much, Sarah and Mikarose! How lovely!!!

  2. Congrats Quinn! @cablecarcouture – Thanks for putting up my comment! That was a pleasant surprise. I love my mom!

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