Menswear: Benefits of Wearing a Tie

One of the pieces of menwear that often gets a bad wrap is the tie.  With the recent trend of casualization in America, the tie has come off and most don’t miss them because men don’t understand the benefits of wearing one.


Benefits of Wearing a Tie

  1. Ties Frames the Face. The tie is like an arrow to the face, drawing attention upwards for improved communication.
  2. Ties are Slimming.  The tie brings attention into the middle for a slimming effect.
  3. Ties are a Focal Point.  Each outfit needs a focal point, somewhere for the eye to rest.  Particularly when in a color, the tie becomes a focal point.
  4. Ties are Perceived as Professional.  With case studies that have been conducted, we have found that men perceive the tie as most business-like.
  5. Women Love A Man in a Tie.  ‘Nuff said.

Here are a few samples of different ways that ties can be worn:

Shia LaBeaof for GQ
With a vest as worn by Shia LaBeaof for GQ
With a matched suit as worn by Patrick Dempsey for a Versace ad.
With a matched suit as worn by Patrick Dempsey for a Versace ad.
With a leather jacket and jeans a la Justin Timberlake for GQ
With a leather jacket and jeans a la Justin Timberlake for GQ

When you don a tie, one important thing to remember is to make sure it comes to the right length.  At the ideal length, the tie should hit the top of your belt buckle.

Your Two Cents

Men, when do you wear a tie?  Business?  Pleasure?  Special occasions?  Never?

Women — what are your thoughts of men wearing ties?

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14 thoughts on “Menswear: Benefits of Wearing a Tie

  1. it should be noted that if one is wearing a tie and is posing for a photo, one must also lean left.

  2. I'm a woman and I love it when I see a man wearing a tie (properly). I let my boyfriend know that I love it when he dresses up (suit, tie, nice dress shoes, and NO white tube socks!!) and I always compliment other men that take the time to look presentable.


  3. My problem is that I do not know how to match a tie with a shirt that has multple colors with a shirt that has multiple colors. Its easy when dealing with solids but not patterns and colors. Please help.

  4. It is easy when dealing with solids like a white shirt but help me with match colored and patterned ties with colored and patterned shirts. Please help.

  5. A man wearing a tie (and being able to tie it) is a true sign that he can take care of himself. A subconscious attractive trait to females. A girl often thinks a guy who casually wears a tie "He has is priorities straight",, Only a suit like tie should be worn is an agency. Elsewhere, just keep the tie, no need for the whole monkey suit.. Rolling sleeves up and pulling tie down slightly is a good style, especially during summer months <what are you so uptight about?

  6. Matt, probably the easiest way to match a pattern tie and a pattern shirt is by starting simple. For example, a shirt that has a small blue and white pattern, like a plaid or houndstooth check, you can pair it with a blue striped tie that introduces new colors. Pairing patterns is definitely an art that takes practice and can be done well. You'll want to make sure you have repetition of colors in the tie and shirt and that one pattern is dominant so they're not clashing together. Good luck, hope this helps!

  7. Agreed, 33j, women like men who wear ties. Unless they are attorneys or accountants, there really isn't much of a need to wear a full suit to the office anymore, though some men do it because they like the way it makes them feel. Rolling up the sleeves is definitely a more relaxed look that a lot of Gen Y are embracing. If you work in a more creative field you can probably get away with pulling down the tie slightly, though this is one of my favorite looks for after hours. You misunderstand me, my friend — not uptight about fashion. Just showing the benefits of dressing well.

  8. I'm 31 years old and have finally decided to mature my fashion. Recently I've found myself in a rut of (what seems like, not literally) wearing the same Tshirt and jeans every day. Last weekend my fiancé and I went to a wedding reception and I was ecstatic cause I was able to wear a shirt and tie. I have a few nice ties and some dress shirts and realized I never get to wear them. Pondering this through the night I came to a decision, and told my fiancé that I would like to make ties a more predominant item in my everyday style. As many lady's have expressed how much they like/love a man in a tie, mine was no different. I mean to still keep it casual, nice jeans and dressy shoes/boots. I may even look into vests as well, I do however love JT's look with a leather jacket and don't worry, I'll remember to lean to the left!

  9. Hey NewfieGuy, sounds like your style evolution is on its way! Awesome to hear you\’re open to try different styles. I tell ya, one of my favorite parts of the day is when my husband walks through the door in his dress clothes for work — it\’s so refreshing. Vests are definitely worth exploring, they can still be very edgy and casual. LOL, yes, lean to the left!

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