KonMari Japanese Method of Tidying: Eliminating Clothes

konmari-magic-of-tidying-upRecently I have been reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and have been enthralled with the KonMari Japanese method, particularly when it comes to clothing.

Eliminating clothing is the first area to tackle when tidying up and she encourages us to pull everything out of the drawers and closets and sort each item individually, asking:

“Does this bring me joy?”

And if it doesn’t, the item is discarded.

Next she suggests going vertical with folding your clothes. Rather than stacking items on top of one another she suggests turning folded items on their sides so each item is visible. It even takes up less space!

This week my husband and I took a day follow the KonMari method for eliminating clothes, identifying what clothes bring us joy, discarding the ones that don’t, and then sorting and folding the remaining items in a systematic way.

Fall is a perfect time of the year to pull everything out of your closets where you can see them and see what’s working and what’s not. Would you like help? With our “Wardrobe Evaluation” Closet Audit we come to your home and guide you through the evaluation and elimination process. It’s always more fun with company! Contact us if you’d like to explore a Closet Audit with us!

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