Jewelry Completes the Ensemble

Have you ever noticed how jewelry can really bring an outfit together?  Take these snapshots from a recent photo shoot with The Mod Bod, Undertease and Blend Fashions.  Each outfit includes bold pieces of jewelry that completes the ensemble.

Beth Wearing The Mod Bod & Necklace from Blend
Beth Wearing Necklace from Blend

Beth’s Mod Bod outfit is beautifully complimented by this gold tassel necklace, a personal favorite of Amanda Behrbom, the owner of Blend.  Doesn’t jewelry complete the look?

Birds and the Bees Necklace by Annie M. Boutique
Birds and the Bees Necklace by Annie M. Boutique

It’s hard to imagine this darling dress and tank top ensemble from Blend and Undertease without the Annie M. necklace.  The necklace completes the ensemble!

Annie M.’s amazing jewelry will definitely give your wardrobe a face lift!  Check out Cable Car’s review of Annie M. from the UVU Women’s Expo here.

Sarah Wears Dove Necklace from Blue Bijou
Sarah Wears Dove Necklace from Blue Bijou

In addition to Sarah’s Mod Bod vest over an Undertease top, this Blue Bijou Dove necklace adds some extra spice and attracts attention to the vest.  It’s amazing what a little jewelry can do!

So what are your favorite jewelry brands?  What jewelry won’t you leave home without?  I wear a lot of Blue Bijou myself! :)

Would you agree the jewelry completes the ensemble?  Why?

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One thought on “Jewelry Completes the Ensemble

  1. I love lia sophia which is why I now sell that line. I can't believe how flattering it is on all body types, and how the same piece can look completely different depending on what it is worn with. The pieces are so versatile, many have more than one way they can be one, and some have up to 7 ways!

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