In LOVE with Annie M. Jewelry

I am IN LOVE with Annie M. Jewelry.  As a jewelry designer, it takes a lot to impress me.  But I can’t get enough of Annie M.


Meet Adrienne, the owner and designer of Annie M. Jewelry.  As an interior designer, Adrienne has a great eye and derives her inspiration from fabrics and furniture.  Annie M. Jewelry is bold and beautiful and hard to resist.


At the UVU Women’s Expo, Annie M. had pre-made bracelets as well as the option to choose your own charms.



And I LOVE my Annie M. bracelet with their beautiful new gold monogram.  Isn’t it gorgeous?


Visit Annie M. Jewelry online at

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3 thoughts on “In LOVE with Annie M. Jewelry

  1. None of the links to the website for Annie M work. Any idea what their website is or where it can be purchased?

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