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stylist picks 2.0never shop alone again.

We streamline + simplify the shopping experience.
We give you honest feedback.
We help you find the best value for your buck.
You won’t be strong-armed into buying anything.
And we’ll have a great time.

Book your session with Sarah by October 31, 2015 + get 2 hours of personal shopping for just $99! That’s a savings of $49! Plus, get a complimentary session with Makeup Artist Mimi!

Fashion is not really my forte so Sarah helped me find pieces that were right for me, right for the album, and right for the camera.  And all of this on a budget too!  I like that Sarah focuses on finding pieces that fit not only your body and coloring, but also who you are as a person.  I felt totally comfortable shopping with Sarah because I knew she had taken the time to understand me.  She was a lifesaver.

Debra Fotheringham, singer/songwriter

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