If You Could Only Wear One Outfit…

This weekend, I had the pleasure of attending Startup Princess’s Image and Media Retreat.  One of the speakers, Danielle LaPorte, posed this question to us: if you could only wear one outfit everyday, what would it be?  Danielle’s answer was a kimono with some rocking high heel boots.  One of the qualifiers was that it could be a magical outfit — that if you wanted, you could go hiking in stilettos.

So I extend this question to you — if you could only wear one outfit everyday, what would it be?

I know what mine would be.  Right now I could totally wear this everyday.

If I could only wear one outfit, this is what it would be

If I could only wear one outfit, this is what it would be

My one outfit would comprise of: drape front cardigan, V-neck top, skinny jeans, high heel boots and the heirloom necklace my Grandma gave me at my wedding reception with black pearls.

What would you wear?

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8 thoughts on “If You Could Only Wear One Outfit…

  1. Emily H. says:

    I've been thinking about this a lot too and though it might change tomorrow it would be a pair of dark skinny jeans (I love and live in jeans!) paired with my favorite red high-heel pumps and a comfy short-sleeve tee (probably plain white or black). I'd also wear my favorite earrings given to me by a good friend and the simple sterling silver necklace my husband bought for me from a flea-market vendor in Mexico. Oh, and of course I'd be wearing a smile!

  2. cablecarcouture says:

    Thanks for your comment, Emily! I've definitely been poring over Danielle's question as well. Your red shoes sound fabulous! Every girl's gotta have a good pair of red shoes. Love it!

  3. Laura Dugovic says:

    I have no idea what my ONE outfit would be… Just off-hand, I'm thinking my gray ruffly dress with super tall orange-y tan-ish tall boots, and my super-thick multi-strand turquoise necklace… I love dresses. Wear them almost every day. LOVE your outfit! I sort of "need" those boots…at least, I certainly think so :)

  4. cablecarcouture says:

    That sounds like a killer outfit, Laura! And of course, silly me, it makes me rethink my one outfit. My pic seems to be more a Saturday outfit. Perhaps I need to expand this "one outfit" criteria! I'd love to see more of your dresses! Have to say, I'm definitely loving these boots, too — thanks!

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