I Cut My Hair!

After all this talk about cutting my hair for the last several months, I finally took the plunge last weekend.  I made an appointment with Mike Kowallis, formerly the owner of Metropolitan Salon in Provo, Utah, now the owner of Relik Salon in American Fork, Utah.  I knew of Mike through my photographer friend, Justin Hackworth (Justin did an phenomenal photo shoot with Metropolitan Salon).

When I sat down in Mike’s chair, I hadn’t completely decided on whether to grow it out or go short, but after chatting with Mike, he convinced me that short hair is sexy and that I had the perfect face shape to execute it.

And here is the final result!

Mike Kowallis & Me

Mike Kowallis & Me

How super fun is that?  I absolutely LOVE it!  Mike was telling me that he went to New York to learn this cut–how cool is that?

Here’s a few shots from Justin Hackworth’s photo shoot with Metropolitan Salon that really inspired me–way edgy and modern, wouldn’t you agree?



Mike isn’t just a genius at short hair for girls.  As I was arriving at the salon on Saturday, there was a boy leaving who had his hair cut and styled like Optimus Prime for his birthday party.  Isn’t that awesome?!  Talk about catering… :)

So if you need an awesome haircut, check out Relik Salon.  You can find them online at http://reliksalon.blogspot.com.

Who was the inspiration for the hair cut you currently have?

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10 thoughts on “I Cut My Hair!

  1. Amy A. says:

    WOW!! You look amazing!! That is such a great cut for you!

    My inspiration for my hair is Victoria Principal. Still working on growing it out a bit, but it will get there.

  2. Richard says:

    Yup, that's some sexy short hair you've got there, I'm starting to see a lot of short hair on pretty faces lately… it's a refreshing change.

  3. moniescloset says:

    I love it. You haircut is killer, you have the face to pull off any haircut but this one makes you look like a lot of fun…hahaha.

  4. Ashley says:

    Hi sarah, you look super hot. Do u have a personal blog? Anyway your hair is cute! 😛
    I came upon your site because im googling for short hair :D:P

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