How to Tie a Scarf Video – Variation on the Slipknot

A couple weeks ago, I taught a workshop for women in the community about How to Make the Most of Your Wardrobe. It was well attended and the women walked away with some great actionable tips, including creative ways to tie a scarf. My friend Rachelle Willhite was so kind as to take some photos and video of the event during the “how to tie a scarf” portion of the segment. Here’s a variation on the slipknot, the most common way to tie a scarf, that adds some texture and interest.

A clever way to wear a scarf is to use it as a beach cover-up and tie it around your waist. Many a woman feels self conscious about her body at the beach and a colorful scarf tied as a sarong is a great way to feel more comfortable in your skin poolside. (As a sidebar, I love how my model Faye is beaming in this picture!)

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