How to Style Short Hair: 6 Different Ways to Style 1 Hairstyle

One of the most common question I receive from my readers is how to style short hair. Like long hair, it’s easy to get stuck in the rut of styling your hair exactly same way everyday. Guilty! So I had my hairstylist Sophia Simone show me six different ways to style my short hair — she totally opened my eyes to the possibilities! And the best news is I’m sharing it with you.

I have been going to Sophia for several years now and if you’re a woman in the Greater Seattle area looking for a woman who specializes in short hair, go see her! In fact, you’ll even get $20 off with this referral card.

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8 thoughts on “How to Style Short Hair: 6 Different Ways to Style 1 Hairstyle

  1. Personally, I love short hair! I have gone short before (challenging with curlier hair) and right now I'm in a long phase. After Baby arrives, we'll see! I love Anne Hathaway's short 'do, and Charlize Theron looked incredible too. Keep wavin' the Short Hair flag, Sarah!!! ~Sarah

  2. I adore you Sarah!!! Needed a breath of fresh air injected into my exhausted short hair styling ideas! Thanks oodles. ::hugs::

  3. Short hair can definitely be a different ball of wax with curlier hair! I actually have a sister-in-law with ultra curly hair who went short a couple months back and totally loves it! There aren't many women whose hair your can model yours after, so I can understand the challenge. Charlize Theron is rocking my world right now! It totally seems like the thing to do after giving birth (or in your third trimester) — chop that hair off! You've got options :) -Sarah

  4. I love all the hair styles. First impressions are important for they can determine the basis of a relationship. People invest a lot of time in hair care and the way they style their hair for the day

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