How to Layer Without the Bulk

Fall fashion is all about layering, but unless you’re careful, you can start looking like the Michelin Man. Here are three quick tips on how to layer your clothes without the bulk.

  1. Layer lighter pieces. A lot of the bulk in layering can come from thick layers like cable knit sweaters or lined pea coats. Look for thinner sweaters, cardigans, and jackets to layer instead so you can keep the warmth without the bulk.
  2. Cinch that waist. Find a way to create a clear waist indentation and it will create the illusion that you have a more hourglass silhouette. This anorak jacket has a drawstring waist which helps to accentuate a nice waist. You can also belt over or underneath your layering piece.
  3. Ditch the jeans. Jeans can add extra unflattering bulk underneath your longer layers. Instead, opt for a pair of streamlined leggings, pants, or trousers without the bulky stitching and pockets. If you’re wearing leggings, just make your derriere is covered!

Anorak jacket: $69.99 | Striped sweater: $69.99 | Mixed metal necklace: $29.99
Styled by Sarah Ward, Wardrobe Stylist for Pala Pala Dress Boutique in Seattle, WA.

9 thoughts on “How to Layer Without the Bulk

  1. Great tips! =) Though, I love the concept of the denim legging…the idea of wearing jeans without the bulk is so appealing to me. haha…but I like the ones that have more of a denim look that just the colorization of it. =)

  2. Agreed, Nancy! The denim texture is something to look for in a denim legging. I have to admit I don\’t own a pair myself, but the idea that there is so much less bulk at the waistline is definitely appealing.

  3. I wish it were illegal to not cover your derriere with more than just leggings. Can we petition for that? Until then, thanks for making sure your readers are aware of that "rule."

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