Horizontal Stripes: Yay or Nay?

If you think about it, horizontal stripes aren’t super flattering.  They tend to make the wearer look thicker than they actually are.  Recently, though, Hollywood starlets like Cameron Diaz and Michelle Williams, have been seen sporting horizontal stripes — even at the same event!  Check out what they wore to the Independent Spirit Awards in February.

Photo c/o starpulse.com
Photo c/o starpulse.com

What do you think?  Can horizontal stripes be flattering?  Which dress do you prefer?

I have to say I love Cameron’s look.  That said, I love horizontal stripes, especially in red!

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8 thoughts on “Horizontal Stripes: Yay or Nay?

  1. the horizontal stripes look great! i think it is a yay…if the person is built to support the look. if you are looking for a look that is more slimming, then vertical stripes will probably work better and adds the illusion of height.

  2. It is very true that horizontal strips make things look wide. I actually wore a striped shirt today and was thinking about that! But I do love them. If you wear it with the right style and complementary pieces, it works. And how often do you really see vertically striped clothing anyway? It’s a rare thing, as far as I’ve seen.

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  3. thanks for the comment, Ariana! yes, it the person’s body type lends itself to stripes, then absolutely. and the illusion of height is a great one to have — that’s why i love long jeans with heels!

  4. Thanks, for your feedback, Liz — I was thinking the same thing. The waistline breaks it up on Cameron’s dress. plus, she’s so long and lean which helps, too.

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