Home Decor Wish List – Capers in West Seattle

This week I discovered a home decor shop called Capers in West Seattle. They offered me tea as I wandered around and I was inspired by their gorgeous design ideas. And my wish list is growing…

What is on your home decor wish list?

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4 Responses to Home Decor Wish List – Capers in West Seattle

  1. I want you to live in my closet, so when I open it up every morning you'll be there to dress me.

  2. If I lived in your closet, I\’d always be jumping out at you and giving you a good scare! Perhaps I could package that as a service somehow… :)

  3. New pillows are definitely on my wish list as well! There\’s such darling modern wallpaper these days, I\’m open to giving it a go.

  4. Love these design ideas as well! That throw pillow in the last photo is a great find. I love those kinds of prints.

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