Holiday Health Survival Guide: Part II

Over the next few days leading up to Christmas, Jennifer Larsen, Personal Health and Fitness Coach and Owner of Cherry Blossom Fitness will share her five Holiday Health Survival Guide tips to stay on the ball this holiday season!

By Jennifer Larsen

So now that we have developed a strong commitment as discussed in Part I, the second thing is practicing what I like to call “Multi-tasking Fitness.”

The general idea is squeezing in 5 minutes of exercise in every tiny little crack you can find. Doing squats while you’re blow drying your hair, doing leg lifts as you go up the stairs, taking 5 minutes to dance around the house with your kids, stretching, cleaning vigorously, etc. A few minutes here and there will quickly add up to 30-45 minutes and you will be energized, proud of staying on track, and more likely to continue your commitments to health.

Third, I want to talk about something that can sometimes be touchy but we have to be aware of it. It is what I like to call “discipline envy”. When you are mastering healthy eating and a consistent fit lifestyle, people will try to strike you down. It is usually subconscious and they may not realize what they are doing, but when you are exercising discipline, people watching who are not as in control, begin to try to break your plan down. They are jealous you can stick to your plan when they may be slipping. They may make snide remarks, gang up on you, tease you, constantly offer you unhealthy food trying to wear you down to the point of giving in, and many other tactics. Stay strong and if needed, explain to them what you are trying to accomplish and ask for support.

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Jennifer LarsenJennifer Larsen graduated from Brigham Young University in Exercise Science with an emphasis in Fitness and Wellness. Her passion is helping women and pre/post natal fitness and she loves to incorporate meditation and affirmations, lifelong healthy eating habits, and fitness routines that fit easily into busy schedules into her health and fitness plans.

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