He’s Got Style: Mat Kearney

Introducing He’s Got Style: Cable Car Couture will periodically do a feature on a man with style.  We kick off this segment with a feature on singer/songwriter Mat Kearney.

mat-kearneyWhile you may not be familar with Mat Kearney, you’ll definitely recognize his music.  Turn on the radio and you’re likely to hear his latest single “Closer to Love” with his happy, chill heartbeat woven throughout.  His music has also been featured on the likes of One Tree Hill and Grey’s Anatomy.

My husband and I had the pleasure of seeing Kearney in concert in Salt Lake City with Keane last month and were floored.  On Mat Kearney’s tour blog, they said of the Salt Lake show, “The show tonight was the best one yet.

He also has a great sense of relaxed style.  The man knows how to wear a hat well.

Mat Kearney Boston
from tourblog.matkearney.com: Mat Kearney Boston
Mat Kearney in DC the day of the Record Release
from tourblog.matkearney.com: Mat Kearney in DC the day of the City of Black & White Record Release
Mat Kearney in St. Paul
from tourblog.matkearney.com: Mat Kearney in St. Paul
Mat Kearney Backstage in Salt Lake City
from tourblog.matkearney.com: Mat Kearney Backstage in Salt Lake City

Here’s an amazing shot I snapped at the concert:


Pull up www.matkearney.com and listen to Closer to Love.  If you like what you hear, create a Mat Kearney radio station on Pandora.com for a better taste of his fantastic style.

Who would you like to nominate for Cable Car’s next segment of He’s Got Style?

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  1. In Style does it best – they've got a wonderful "Man of Style" segment. But hey, boys have style, too, so why not feature them every now and again! It'd be cool to see who you'd feature on SBF! Thanks for the Vancouver suggestions – I was thinking tonight I need to call up Henry for this…

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