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Casino Junction. Photo c/o Justin Hackworth
Casino Junction. Photo c/o Justin Hackworth

Casino Junction are an incredible indie/acoustic band from Canada who are in the studio working on their debut album.  The band is comprised of Joseph and Steven Ward, brothers who have a strong sense of personal style, on and off stage, and have agreed to be our guest bloggers today for He’s Got Style to share fashion tips with the men.

Photo c/o Justin Hackworth
Joseph Ward of Casino Junction. Photo c/o Justin Hackworth

Joe of Casino Junction:

Whether or not you are willing to admit it, we all dress to impress someone.  Why else does it take us 30 minutes to get changed in the morning….not saying I do that…

One of the worst things to see when you are watching a band is when you can tell they are trying REALLY hard to look cool.  A wise man once told me, “IF you want to look cool then stop trying. Your cooler when you don’t try!”  Your clothes do not shape your performance but they can have the ability to boost your confidence level.

Find clothes that compliment your body and, most importantly, that you are comfy in.  NOT FRUMPY, NOT BAGGY, simply comfortable!

There are tons of ways to add to your outfit.  Fall is coming up soon, and the best thing for colder weather is LAYERS.   A leather Jacket on top of a hoody is classy!  You can’t go wrong with that.  Vests, cardigans, KNIT sweaters are fantastic for fall — lighter then a jacket and not too heavy for the chillier days.

Joe of Casino Junction layering during the colder months.
Joe of Casino Junction layering during the colder months.

The secret is to take something classic and “make it your own.”  If you use simple outfits as a base, then you can take it to town!

I am usually caught always wearing a white t-shirt, but there is nothing wrong with that. I am a man of simple taste.  If I need to go out, then I can just throw on a plaid shirt (with white you can wear ANY COLOR), or a vest, a knit sweater or leather jacket, and I am ready to go!

Joe of Casino Junction performing -- spot the accessories.
Joe of Casino Junction performing -- spot the accessories.

That doesn’t mean you can only use blank white shirts — experiment with colors and don’t be afraid to try on things you don’t usually wear!  If it looks like crap then you don’t have to buy it!  When I buy clothes in a store, unless it makes me go, ‘wow’ then I don’t buy it.  If it doesn’t make you turn your head the first time, then it NEVER will inside your closet.

P.S. MIX and MATCH. TAKE or SWAP.  Don’t be afraid to trade!  My friends walk into my room all the time and let themselves into my closet.  But when they take something, they have to leave something behind.  Be willing to EXPERIMENT with different styles.
And besides, clothes always fit better when they don’t belong to you.

Steven Ward. Photo c/o Justin Hackworth
Steven Ward of Casino Junction. Photo c/o Justin Hackworth

Steven of Casino Junction:

One of my favorite parts of fashion is being able to take an already good looking outfit and make it look better with accessories.  That is a great way to take a classic style and make it your own.  Anything from hats to glasses to bracelets to watches to belts, scarves, shoes — your limits are endless.  Just remember that it is NOT cool to go get the 3D glasses from the theatre and pop out the lenses and wear them.

A favorite accessory of mine is the scarf or pashmina.  You can pull off a scarf year round — thick scarves for the cold months and thin ones for the warm ones.  You can wear it with anything from a T-shirt and jeans to a suit and tie.  They’re a unisex fashion so you can find them pretty much anywhere.  But remember to wear them in a comfortable fashion.  You can’t look good if you’re trying to correct yourself every five minutes.

Steven of Casino Junction experimenting with color.
Steven of Casino Junction experimenting with color.

It is important to try and mix colors into your wardrobe.  When matching, remember primary colors always look great together.  When in doubt, white and black are always a pretty safe bet.  But here’s a piece of advice when matching colors. I t’s something our sister told Joe and I and it’s stick with us for ages.  ‘Blue and green should never be seen except in a washing machine.’  It’s true!  And guys, girls love it when you can wear an outfit that matches.

A big thanks to Casino Junction for sharing some of their fashion tips with us.  Would you agree?

Take a listen to Casino Junction’s latest tunes online at www.myspace.com/casinojunction.

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  1. I absolutely love their styles (and not just because they're Asian 😉
    A guy with a chill, sensible style like this is so attractive.

    And about that Casino Junction Cd…I definitely have to claim one when they come out.

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