Happy Canada Day! Unforgettable Clothes from Canada

In honor of Canada’s 143rd birthday, here are some great clothing lines that come to us from the true north, strong and free.

Tessa Virtue, Canadian Gold Medalist, wearing Roots
Tessa Virtue, Canadian Gold Medalist, wearing Roots
  1. Clothes from Canada: Roots

    Roots is known for providing quality leather and active sporting wear since 1973.  Their products are known for their integrity, longevity, and quality and have had the privilege of outfitting Team Canada in past Olympics.  They are committed to protecting the environment and have green clothing while material made from natural fibers such as bamboo, hemp, soy, and organic cotton.  Visit them online at http://usa.roots.com/.

    Lululemon Manifesto
    Lululemon Manifesto
  2. Clothes from Canada: Lululemon Athletica

    Lululemon Athletica makes technical active wear that is ideal for exercise, yoga, and dance.  Founded in 1998 in Vancouver, Canada, they have strong ties with the community, hosting healthy and productive workshops at their location related to self defense, yoga, and goal-setting.  Their trendy athletic wear can be found in over 100 stores and in yoga and dance studios across the world.  Visit them online at http://www.lululemon.com.

Club Monaco
Club Monaco
  1. Clothes from Canada: Club Monaco

    Club Monaco was founded in 1985 in Toronto and is best known for their classic black and white palette and their European influenced clothing.   In 1999, it was purchased by Polo Ralph Lauren and now has stores all over the world.  They have great perks for their customers including personal shoppers, free in-store pant hemming, extended shopping hours for busy customers, and 20% student discounts within North America.  Visit them online at http://www.clubmonaco.com/.

In addition to Roots, Lululemon, and Club Monaco, there are hundreds more Canadian designers that have brought comfortable, artistic, and quality clothing to the marketplace.  If you ever shop in the major metropolitan Canadian cities like Montreal, Toronto, or Vancouver, you’ll notice how current, classic, and trendy the clothing is.  These cities also have numerous boutiques which will give you a distinct flavor all their own.

Happy Canada Day to our Canadian friends!  Do you have any Canadian stories to share?

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