Halloween Costumes In Your Closet: Pirate

This year I’ve been approaching Halloween costumes differently — I’ve been trying to discover people’s Halloween spirit animal. The process involves observation, seeing what costume components or natural inclinations they already possess, and waiting for inspiration to strike. My friend Meredith has a pair of striped pants and when she wore them a few weeks ago, it was clear — she would make a perfect pirate!


Costume Components

  • Bandana. Bonus points for a pirate hat!
  • Eye patch
  • Billowy blouse
  • Gold jewelry — don’t be shy!
  • Striped pants
  • Sash
  • Sword
  • Boots
  • Bonus: parrot!



True to form, a pirate costume is a great Costumes In Your Closet option since it won’t require many purchases. The one thing we were missing for the costume was the billowy blouse and I tracked down the lace blouse with ruffles from The Red Light in Portland last weekend! Being a pirate is a such an affordable and easy choice for Halloween costumes!

Show & Tell

Did you dress up as a pirate or pull together a costume from your closet? Leave a link in the comments, post a photo on our Facebook page, or hashtag #costumesinyourcloset on Instagram. We’d love to see your costume creation!

Photographer and editor: Will Bossen
Pirate: Meredith James
Hair and Makeup: Kristen Hackbarth
Stylist: Sarah Ward

One thought on “Halloween Costumes In Your Closet: Pirate

  1. I believe this year pirate costumes were trending the most as a halloween costume may be because they come under simplest outfit t wear on such parties without researching much on it.

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