Halloween Costumes In Your Closet: Margot and Richie Tannenbaum


For a quirky, easy Halloween couple’s costume, consider going the Wes Anderson route!

Costume Components for Margot

  • Blonde wig
  • Smoky, brooding eye makeup
  • Red barrette
  • Brown fur coat (borrowed from Heather — thanks!)
  • Striped polo shirt or dress
  • Skirt or jeans
  • Handbag

Costume Components for Richie

  • Athletic headband and wristband
  • Aviator sunglasses
  • Neutral colored blazer
  • Blue polo with white blazer (we layered a collared shirt under a blue polo for the same effect)
  • Scarf
  • Jeans


Lana is a stylist and model I work with with her stunning bone structure and gaze and she came to mind for a perfect Margot Tannenbaum. Add her boyfriend Josh to the mix as Richie and we had a perfect couple’s costume!

Show & Tell!

Did you dress up as the Tannenbaums or pull together a costume from your closet? Leave a link in the comments, post a photo on our Facebook page, or hashtag #costumesinyourcloset on Instagram. We’d love to see your costume creation!

Photographer & Editor: Sean Gumm
Margot Tannenbaum: Lana Kraljevich
Richie Tannenbaum: Josh Tizon
Stylist and Makeup Artist for Margot: Sarah Ward
Makeup Artist for Richie: Erick Skoronski

A little behind the scenes love with the team.

L to R: Erick, Sean, Lana, Josh, Sarah

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