Halloween Costumes in Your Closet: Effie Trinket Tutorial

I can still remember the day that The Hunger Games hit theaters. I was downtown Seattle for a chiropractic appointment and on the square, there were two women dressed up as characters from The Hunger Games, promoting the film, and I knew immediately that Effie Trinket would be my Halloween costume this year. With her flawless commitment to appearance and perfect comedic timing, she was the highlight of the movie for me. Well, her and Caesar Flickerman.

While there are some pretty impressive custom costumes out there for Effie Trinket, I wasn’t interested in spending a ton of money or time on mine. Once I realized I had teal colored clothes that were similar to her costume in one of the scenes, the costume came together easily from there. I just had to buy a few flowers and a wig.

Costume Components

  • Teal turtleneck
  • Teal skirt
  • Teal tights
  • Teal flower pin – bought at Michael’s and converted to a clip
  • Black rose – bought at Michael’s
  • Gaudy turquoise jewelry
  • Blonde wig – bought on Amazon
  • White makeup (be sure to check out this step-by-step Effie Trinket makeup tutorial)
  • Yellow, blue, green eyeshadow
  • Pink blush and lipstick
  • Teal nail polish

Costume Inspiration

Photo: Hayworth1981 on Flickr

To really become Effie Trinket, I enlisted the help of Celebrity Makeup Artist DorothyInez. With 25 years background in makeup in the entertainment, DorothyInez was instrumental in helping me get into character. She embraced the role of creative director, and served as assistant photographer, making the shoot a phenomenal success.  You can watch for a separate blog with a makeup tutorial for Effie Trinket.

If you are looking for Halloween costume help, both DorothyInez and I do online consultations worldwide, providing helpful costume and makeup tutorials from the comfort of your living room. And if you are in Seattle, we’re available for hire to get you into character this Halloween! In the meantime, check out this step-by-step Effie Trinket Makeup Tutorial!

May the odds be ever in your favor!

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15 thoughts on “Halloween Costumes in Your Closet: Effie Trinket Tutorial

  1. Wow that is WONDERFUL! You perfected the look. Many fans on my page will enjoy this. Just remember not to spill anything on the Mahogany tables.

  2. Paul thank you so much for your wonderful feedback! As a Hunger Games aficionado, it means a lot coming from you. You're welcome to share with your fans. Next up: a Katniss Everdeen Halloween costume, complete with bow and arrow. I'll definitely let you know once it goes live. LOL, yes, preserve the mahogany! -Sarah

  3. where abouts would you suggest to look for matching clothes like the ones you are wearing? I am planning to go as Effie for a book week parade and I don't know where to begin shopping. Please help me

  4. How fun, Teagan! I\’d start thrifting or look at F21 within that color scheme and hope for the best. Things have a way of working out with costumes! Would love to see your costume when you\’re done :)

  5. Hi Carrie, it was one that I ordered off Amazon for like $10 or 11. It was really incredible and well made. Good luck! Let me know how your costume turns out! Would love to see pix.

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