Halloween Costumes In Your Closet: Bride of Frankenstein


Ever since Felicity dressed up as the Bride of Frankenstein in 1998, I’ve wanted to dress up as this iconic monster. So when I happened upon a vintage wedding dress at Value Village a few weeks ago, I knew it was time.


Costume Components

  • Bride of Frankenstein Wig
  • Monster makeup
  • Edgy jewelry — bonus for screw earrings!
  • White dress
  • Black separates

I found that the costume had more impact when I threw on a black bolero jacket and heels.


The monster makeup is critical for this costume! Here’s my makeup tips for the Bride of Frankenstein:

  1. Start with a white base.
  2. Cover your eyebrows with a glue stick to hide the texture so you can draw over them. Then blend with a light concealer.
  3. Apply dramatic eye makeup.
  4. Apply false eyelashes (tips on applying falsies here)
  5. Contour with grey eye shadow to emphasize your bone structure.
  6. Using a black liner, draw seams in your face.
  7. Take a brown eye shadow and line either side of the seam.
  8. Using a black pencil liner, draw in the holes and stitches.
  9. Apply dark lipstick.
  10. Then do the Monster Mash!
Photographer Brian and I doing the monster mash on set!



Show & Tell

Did you pull together a costume from your closet? Leave a link in the comments, post a photo on our Facebook page, or hashtag #costumesinyourcloset on Instagram. We’d love to see your costume creation!

Photos by Brian Weiss.
Model, costume designer + makeup artist: Sarah Ward

One thought on “Halloween Costumes In Your Closet: Bride of Frankenstein

  1. pertaining to the previous answer from the Count, he brings up some great points. Frankenstein was really Frankenstein's monster and he, therefore, didnt have a name either, but played by Boris Karlov……later, an excellent version played by Peter Boyle.

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