Halloween Costumes From Your Closet: Cruella De Vil

When it comes to Halloween costumes, the best ones are handmade, wouldn’t you agree? This week I assembled Halloween costumes from my closet which I’ll share with you in a series called Halloween Costumes from Your Closet.

This year I dressed up as the Disney villain Cruella De Vil.

Costume Components

  • Zebra print throw – this was a yard and a half of fabric from Joann’s that I figured I could repurpose for throw pillows post-Halloween
  • Silver hair spray paint
  • Gaudy jewelry and make-up (I even drew my lipliner outside my natural lip line to emulate Glenn Close’s mouth)
  • Black dress from Shabby Apple
  • Red gloves
  • Red purse
  • Cigarette holder fashioned from clay and painted with acrylic paint
  • Red shoes

Costume Inspiration

But this Cruella De Vil prefers kittens. Naturally.

Even though I don’t have the hair length most Cruella De Vils had this Halloween, I made my hair as spiky and wild as I could.

What was your Halloween costume?

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