Halloween Costumes from Your Closet: Alice Cullen

When it comes to Halloween costumes, the best ones are handmade, wouldn’t you agree? This week I assembled Halloween costumes from my closet which I’ll share with you in a series called Halloween Costumes from Your Closet.

Who wants to be Bella Swan when you can be Alice Cullen? In the second Twilight film, New Moon, there is a scene where Alice and Bella are in Italy trying to stop Edward from committing suicide (yes, I admit — I’ve seen the movies!) and driving a hot red sports car through the Italian countryside. This is the outfit from which I derived my inspiration for this outfit.

Costume Components

  • Red polka-dot scarf, tied Grace Kelly style to keep out the sun
  • Big sunglasses
  • White swing jacket
  • Black top
  • Red elbow-length gloves
  • Black dress pants
  • Red peep-toe shoes
  • Bonus: Hazel contacts

Costume Inspiration

Isn’t she fabulous? Alice Cullen is definitely the strongest female star in the Twilight cast. We even have similar bone structure!

So. Would you consider dressing up as someone from Twilight?

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