Halloween Costume Ideas from Date Night for 2’s Masquerade Ball

Last Halloween, we attended Date Night for 2‘s annual Masquerade Ball and beheld some terrific costumes! If you’re looking for Halloween costume ideas, here are photos from the event. I hope you’ll be inspired!

I tell ya, Dorothy never looked so good! This Wizard of Oz themed couple’s costumes won the Best Halloween Costume contest at the party.

Date Night for 2 founder Susan Glenn and her husband came adorned in day of the dead costumes.

Shoes to Lose’s SherRon and her husband Matt went as Amelia Earhart and Charlie Chaplain respectively.

I dressed up as a Na’vi from Avatar and Tim dressed up as Aladdin. All in blue, I got mistaken as his genie. It works.

This couple came as an Edward Scissorhands duo.

Ryan Tuttle and his wife came as bacon and eggs.

Anastasia’s Attic Tara Starling and her date came in their best dressed with vampire teeth.

Sheri, Lorraine and their husbands came in their army combat gear.

Here’s all the gals from The GatherRing in their costumes.

What did you dress up as last Halloween?

2 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Ideas from Date Night for 2’s Masquerade Ball

  1. Wow these are great! Definitely wonderful inspiration. By the way, I totally knew you were avatar 😉 I'm thinking of going as Jenny (Johnny) Appleseed this year. Any tips?

  2. Thanks, Jenny! It's because you are so in the know! Johnny / Jenny Appleseed would be SUPER easy! Wear a pair of jeans or khakis, rolled up halfway to your knee, a plaid or chambray shirt and a vest (if you have one). Wear a pot on your head, carry a big stick, and a crossbody bag. Ta da! (PS: I'll have a series of costumes from your closet this week that you might appreciate. Stay tuned!)

    I was just thinking about you the other day, glad to hear from you! Trust life on the east coast is treating you well?

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