Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples: Edward & Bella

Today’s costume?

halloween costume ideas for couples-edward_bella

Edward and Bella

This is a super easy costume, though it will require a little more from the man.  It’s great for a guy that loves attention!  In order to create an Edward and Bella costume for Halloween, you will need the following:

For Edward:

  • Good bone structure
  • Tousled hair
  • Gold contacts
  • Pale make-up
  • Shimmery make-up
  • A button down shirt and dark wash jeans (take a peek inside Edward Cullen’s closet)

For Bella:

  • Long dark hair
  • Pale make-up
  • Jeans and a dark button-down shirt or sweater

If you’re a couple that loves PDAs, this is the costume for you!

halloween costume ideas for couples-edward-cullen-bella-swan3320x480

Last year, my make-up artist friend Dawn and her husband Justin dressed up as Edward and Bella.  They totally played up the pale sparkling thing and women at their Halloween party just flocked to him!

halloween costume ideas for couples edward and bella

Didn’t their costume turn out awesome?

halloween costume ideas edward and bella bitten

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Stay tuned for more costume ideas!

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