Halloween Costume Idea: Captain Jack Sparrow

Two weeks from today is Halloween.  So if you’re still trying to decide what to be for Halloween, bookmark our site and come back often because we will be featuring great Halloween costume ideas for the next two weeks!

Today’s costume idea?

Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow

In order to recreate Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween, you will need the following:

  • Black eyeliner and bronzing powder (raid your sister, girlfriend, or wife’s make-up)
  • Wig with dreadlocks and beads
  • A strip of red fabric to tie around your head
  • A long strip of striped fabric to tie around your waist
  • Pirates hat (optional)
  • Puffy white shirt
  • Fake facial hair
  • Vest or waistcoat
  • Belt with square buckle
  • Brown boots
  • Sword and/or pistol
  • Large costume ring

Several years ago a friend of ours dressed up as Jack Sparrow and totally got into character with the accent, mannerisms, and everything.  It was really memorable!

Chad as Captain Jack Sparrow
Chad as Captain Jack Sparrow

For more detailed instructions on how to create a Jack Sparrow costume, e-How has a great tutorial.

What are you going to dress up as for Halloween?

Stay tuned!  Next up: the Wicked Witch of the West.

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2 thoughts on “Halloween Costume Idea: Captain Jack Sparrow

  1. Terrific guide Sarah. I tried a joker costume this year with the wife dressing up as catwoman. I think she is going to do the same again this year but I might have to give Mr Sparrow a try. Thansk for your list.

  2. What a fun Batman theme for your Halloween costumes! Especially with the Michael Bolton Jack Sparrow song that\’s been on the top 40 charts, it\’d be a great costume. Would love to see your photos!

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