Halloween Archives: Avatar Na’vi Costume

In preparation for Halloween, I’m going back in the Halloween archives and pulling out costumes from Halloweens past for costume inspiration!

Last Halloween, I dressed up as a Na’vi from Avatar for Date Night for 2’s Masquerade Ball. As you may have noticed, I lost an ear in battle. Fierce.

Here’s what I assembled for the costume:

  • Blue top from Forever 21
  • Blue leggings from Forever 21
  • Blue gloves from Forever 21
  • Suede material from Joann Fabric tied as a short sarong
  • Suede material with a feather at the end of a tail
  • Leather cord with feathers tied to it for a necklace
  • Denim flats from DSW Shoes
  • Black wig (this was the most expensive part!)
  • Cardboard ears pinned into the hair
  • Feathers pinned into the hair
  • Blue face makeup
  • — as a word to the wise, give yourself plenty of time to do your makeup!

If you already have long hair and own blue clothes, this is a costume you can put together easily on a budget with a little creativity. Or, if you’re okay with exposing your skin, you can airbrush your entire body blue and wear a swim suit overtop. If you really want to go all out, get yellow or hazel color contacts for the added effect.

Being a Na’vi was a lot of fun! At the Halloween party we went to, virtually no one recognized me (this could be to your favor!). Even though Avatar was really popular and prevalent last year, it was surprising how few people knew what my costume was. Since my husband dressed up as Aladdin, I was mistaken for his genie. Sure. It works.

If you want to be a Na’vi this year, below is a great N’Avi makeup tutorial from Promise. She does an amazing job!

What are you dressing up as this Halloween?

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