Giveaway: Baby Emi Jewelry

baby-emi-jewelryWe’re going to be rolling out the giveaways in December in honor of the holidays!  We hope you take this opportunity to score fabulous prizes and get great gift ideas for Christmas.  Our next amazing giveaway is with Baby Emi Jewelry!

Baby Emi Jewelry brings glamour to pint-sized people and specializes in children’s jewelry.  The owner and designer, Debbie Savage, named the company after her first born daughter, Emi.  Debbie’s Cambodian background has played a big part in her designs and is very reminiscent of traditional Cambodian jewelry.

Baby Emi Jewelry’s giveaway is for a Sterling Silver Jingle Bells Anklet — perfect for the holidays! — for either a baby or toddler.  Can’t you just imagine your little girl running around with this Jingle Bells anklet on?  It’ll be music to your ears!

Baby Emi Jewelry Jingle Bells Anklet for Baby
Baby Emi Jewelry Jingle Bells Anklet for Baby $40
Baby Emi Jewelry Jingle Bells Anklet Sterling Silver Toddler
Baby Emi Jewelry Jingle Bells Anklet for Toddler $45

There are lots of great ways to enter the contest!

  1. Tell us what little girl you’d love to adorn in this Jingle Bells Anklet
  2. Become a fan of Baby Emi Jewelry on Facebook!
  3. Follow Baby Emi Jewelry on Twitter!
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  6. Tweet about the giveaway!

Enter to win contest ends Wednesday, December 9th at midnight!

Baby Emi Designer Debbie Savage (left) with Quinn Curtis
Baby Emi Designer Debbie Savage (right) with Created by Chicks' Quinn Curtis

I had the pleasure of meeting Debbie at the recent Startup Princess Retreat at Sundance and she is such a genuine, warm and beautiful  woman!  She’s got great style, tremendous love for her family, and a terrific business.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy getting to know her as you connect on Facebook and Twitter!  You’ll love her.

Baby Emi Jewelry has also given Cable Car Couture readers a special 15% off coupon code if you have to have this piece for a gift for a loved one.  Enter coupon code CCC15 for 15% off your purchase!

Be sure to enter this amazing giveaway and pass it on!

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16 thoughts on “Giveaway: Baby Emi Jewelry

  1. Will anyone laugh if I say I'd love to adorn my 10-month old *son* with a jingle bells anklet?? Our apartment isn't huge, but I've lost him 3x already and freaked myself out in the process. He love, love, loooves playing in the bathroom and tryies to crawl over the tub (and not to mentioned hear the gurgling of the toilet at he reaches the flusher– ugh!) whenever I have my back turned. I keep the door closed but I;m human, I forget.. Then there are times I freak out when I can't find him there and lo and behold, he's found out how to open the un-lockable cabinet doors and crawl in(!) I wear myself ragged worrying where my high-energy child is and would so appreciate being ale to locate him by sound with a Baby Emi bracelet (okay, okay, and if all my friends make fun of me for allowing him to wear it..I think I'd wear it myself so he doesn't howl when I leave the room..darned object/parent-permanence stage:)

  2. I have a new niece that would look so pretty in one of these cute canklets.
    Oh yeah, she has cankles.
    Totally pretty cankles.

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