Free Meylah Webinar on Styling Products for Your Shop

This Wednesday I will be part of webinar hosted by Meylah on how to style your products your e-commerce shop to get ready for the holiday season.

We’ll be discussing:

  1. How to style your products for photography
  2. How to get your online store ready for the holidays
  3. How to create the right products and promotions for holiday sales
  4. How to participate in Meylah’s promotional activities during holidays

With my background in product styling at zulily I’ll be giving actionable tips on how to style your product with lots of examples to give you ideas.

Not all product styling is created equal.
  • Wednesday, July 24th @ 6pm
  • Meylah Webinar – Register here
  • FREE

Sign up for this free webinar and learn how to position your business for success during the holidays by making your Meylah store work for you, setting the right goals and crafting an actionable marketing plan aimed at achieving them! Hope you’ll join us.

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