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Flamenco dance is a passionate and fiery art form that stirs the soul and inspires something raw and beautiful in women.  If you have ever experienced live flamenco, you know exactly what I mean.

The first time I experienced flamenco I’ll never forget.  It was unbelievable.  The sheer force, power and emotion expressed were raw, beautiful and captivating, leaving us all on the edge of our seats.  Walking out of the theatre, I walked a little taller and couldn’t wait to enroll in a class.

Flamenco has a feminine style all its own.  Flamenco fashion includes dresses in vibrant colors with full ruffles and large polka.  No flamenco ensemble is complete without its accessories.  At any flamenco event you’ll see dancers wearing bold earrings, expressive shawls that reflect the movement of the dancer and colorful flowers adorning theirs hair.

Here are some images from the 2009 Vancouver International Flamenco Festival by Lorilee Janine Keller Photography who has expertly captured the emotion and movement as well as the unforgettable flamenco fashion.










Flamenco is the reason why I love ruffles and I am always drawn to the mermaid dresses with full ruffles lining the bottom like the emerald green number Kasandra “La China” is wearing.  Flamenco fashion at its best!

Which piece of flamenco fashion catches your eye the most?

After hearing how incredible flamenco is to behold, I’m sure you’d love to see some flamenco, right?  Thought so.  Here is a clip of a dance called Garrotin by Mozaico Flamenco from the Cafe de Chinitas performance at Edie Hats in Vancouver.  You’ll love it.  Enjoy!

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