Fit and Fabulous: Takeaways from Girl Power Hour

Girl Power Hour at MAKERS. Photo: Hilary Paris

Confession: Never in my life have I been on a diet. Tonight at Girl Power Hour’s Fit and Fabulous event, my fabulous friend Kim Kim posed the diet question to the women in attendance. I was one of a handful of women who hadn’t dieted before. Us, and the firemen, that is.

Did I mention there were firemen? Yeah. I got giddy with the rest of them. Wouldn’t you?

Truly, I feel blessed to be healthy and lithe, but like many women, I have an interesting relationship with food. Last year I found our that I was hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) so I literally have to be eating once every hour or two to get the nutrients my body needs. The upside is these small meals keep my metabolism up which helps to keep me slender. That and I don’t eat a lot of sugar because I’m so sensitive to sudden shifts in my sugar levels.

Makeup Artist DorothyInez, Transformational Queen Kat Kim, and I

There were phenomenal women on the panel, personal trainers, personal chefs, nutrition consultants, and dietitians talking about Fitness, Mindset, and Nutrition. While I may not have been able to source all the quotes on the fly, the panelists were Kirsten Helle – Mesa de Vida, Hilary Paris – the CEO Active Wellness, Inc., Samara Donald – the Gym Coach, Lara Dalch – Dalch Wellness, and Minh-Hai Tran – Mindful Nutrition. Here are a few takeaways I wanted to share with you.

L to R: Kirsten Helle, Samara Donald, Minh-Hai Tran, Darnell Sue, Hilary Paris, Lara Dalch and Kat Kim. Photo: Clane Gessel
  1. Hunger is a gift to discover what your body needs. When you have a food craving, deconstruct that craving craving. A lot of us women eat emotionally, but before you do, ask yourself what that craving is really about. Do you need that food or do you really need a hug? Then act on the root cause of it.
  2. Check in yourself: how do I feel? What do I need? These are good self care practices. via @mindfulRD
  3. We orient our social lives around food. “Hey let’s get together for breakfast / lunch / dinner / coffee / drinks…” Instead of rewarding yourself  for a job well done with food, get a pedicure or massage instead. (I’ve heard it said before, you’re not a dog — don’t reward yourself with food.)
  4. Strong is the new skinny.
  5. Never discount the power that 10 minutes exercise can make on your health. @mesadevida lost 100 lbs and kept it off! It’s not all or nothing, everything counts! Everyday take another step towards health.
  6. Lessen the shame around eating and bring compassion to the experience. via @mindfulRD
  7. Core exercises aren’t just about crunches. Pull your belly button into your spine. That’s working your core!

What is your best tip on Fitness, Mindset, and Nutrition?

Click here for the semi-cocktail, semi-business outfit I wore to the Fit & Fab event.

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  1. Thanks, Lara! Yes, \”deconstructing cravings\” have come up in conversation several times since the #fitfab event :) Hope you\’re having a great weekend. -Sarah

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