Fawn Boutique in Park City

Update: Please note that Fawn Boutique is now Olive and Tweed Boutique.

When I was in Park City celebrating my birthday a few weeks back, I stumbled upon a terrific artist-driven shop called Fawn Boutique.  Trust me, the next time you hit Park City, you’ll want to check out Fawn Boutique.


Fawn Boutique is owned by a lady named Heather who left dentistry to pursue a dream of having her own shop.  You’ll be thrilled that her prices are super reasonable.  As a single mother, Heather wanted to be able to afford shopping at her own store :)  Fawn Boutique is also 75% artist driven so it has some delightfully unique pieces to give you a look all your own.

Here’s a few things you can expect when you pay Fawn Boutique a visit.


Awesome shoes like these emerald slingbacks, $30.


Unique jewelry, like these guitar pick earrings.  Perfect accessory, especially if your boyfriend is in a band.


Clever collars for your pet from Lucky Fiona.  These vintage inspired collars are super fab!



Gorgeous wooden carved pieces from the likes of Vancouver-based artist, Courney Fischer.


Great style!


A collection of lovely little journals like this vibrant yellow one.


Must have bangles!


If you are a knitting fan, you will LOVE their yarn shop!  Look at all those colors!


Creative tops.


Colorful bangles.


And in case you lose your way, you can always get back to Fawn Boutique with this darling brass compass necklace, only $22!  It’s one of their hot sellers and it really does work.

Fawn Boutique has the feel of a cozy boutique in the northwest.  You’ll definitely want to check it out.

You can find Fawn at 608 Main Street in Park City, UT or online at http://www.shopfawn.com.

Where do you shop when you’re in Park City?

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  1. Hi Sarah! It's your new BFF from the 30 Strangers Fundraising event 😉 ha ha. I LOVE your blog! It's so great, and I MUST hit Fawn Boutique next time I do a PC lunch with my girlfriends. I didn't even know it was there! Anyway, I will have to add your link to my page. Good stuff. You can visit me at http://thelolaletters.blogspot.com sometime!

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