Fashion Trends for 2010: Nude is Now

A hot fashion trend we’ve been seeing everywhere in 2010 is nude colored nails, clothing, and accessories.  This minimalistic trend is natural and bare, allowing the wearer to become the focal point rather than the clothing and accessories themselves. The trick is to find a shade that will match your apparent skin tone.

2010 Fashion Trends: Nude Nails

Nude nails are all the rage right now.  Marc Jacobs hand-picked these OPI nail polish shades for his 2010 collection and had all his models sporting these colors on the runway.  These neutral tones will lend themselves easily to a multitude of different outfits.

For women that work in a professional environment, nude nails are a great choice for the office.

2010 Fashion Trends: Nude Shoes

When worn with a dress or skirt, nude shoes will beautifully elongate the leg, causing the wearer to appear taller.  Who wouldn’t want that?  Plus, they’re sure to get lots of wear since their neutral nature makes them easy to coordinate with.

2010 Fashion Trends: Nude Clothing

The 2010 Oscars and Grammy awards shows showcased several celebrities decked out in nude gowns including Demi Moore in an unforgettable Atelier Versace gown that matched the color of her skin exactly.  The one shoulder draped crepe Elie Saab nude dress above is another beautiful example of matching one’s skin tone and clothing.

Is the nude fashion trend for 2010 something you’ve embraced this season?  What nude colored pieces have you been wearing?

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