Fashion Infraction: Too Tight Clothing

Have you ever seen someone wearing something that’s two sizes too small?

It’s not uncommon for women who have gained weight to try and fit into the clothes that they wore when they were 20 pounds lighter. Unfortunately, unless these clothes were baggy to begin with, they just won’t fit the way they once did.

One telltale sign that clothes are too tight is horizontal pull lines, as seen below.

Can you see the horizontal pull lines at the bust?

When clothes are too small for the body wearing them, you will see horizontal pull lines, often at the bust, across the upper back, or at the crotch, drawing unnecessary attention to those areas. When clothes fit, the fabric lies flat and smooth.

The solution? If you have to, go up a size to accommodate a larger bust, broader shoulders, or fuller hips. If you have to, cut out the tag!

2 thoughts on “Fashion Infraction: Too Tight Clothing

  1. On our cruise last weekend I saw a LOT of women squeezed into little bitty sausage casings on formal night. I wanted to be like, "Buy a size up! No one will know but you and the checkout lady! And she doesn't care!" I mean, seriously, too small is not pretty.

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