Fashion Infraction: Clothes that make you uncomfortable

Last Christmas, my career coach friend Jen Armitstead bought me a great gag gift — a fashion citations pad of paper to write to people for fashion faux pas they wore — permission to be the fashion police. While I wouldn’t approach total strangers to call them out on their fashion choices, I’m going to use this style blog platform to educate people about what’s not working in their wardrobes and how to turn it around.

Today’s fashion infraction: clothes that make you uncomfortable.

If you watched Madonna’s performance at the Super Bowl on Sunday, chances are you were impressed by the 53-year-old’s tip top physical shape and her perennial ability to work a stage. She’s still got it! But did you see her slip on the bleachers? As fabulous as Madge looked in her Givenchy getup, jumping around on the bleachers in high heel boots became hazardous and she stumbled, luckily regaining her balance.

Here’s another example. Recently I was stopped at a light in Downtown Seattle and saw a woman wearing a micro miniskirt walking across the street. As she crossed, she must have adjusted her skirt six times in the 20 seconds that she was within my line of sight. Can you imagine how many times she must have been pulling on that miniskirt all day long? Talking to her boss. Sitting at a business meeting with a client. Riding the train home.

Wearing clothing that makes you uncomfortable is distracting and prevents you to be wholly present wherever you are. Not only is it distracting to you, but to those around you as well.

If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable about something you put on in the morning, err on the side of caution and change.

Have you ever worn something uncomfortable that distracted you from what you were doing?


13 thoughts on “Fashion Infraction: Clothes that make you uncomfortable

  1. Yes- I wore a shirt that was too revealing up top since my weight gain. I went to a training with experiential activities and was completely uncomfortable; I tried not to move a lot or bend over . As a result, the trainer interpreted my movements as a sign that I was not comfortable being there! Which I was, just not in that shirt!

  2. Adhis, your example is spot on! Hope that the work with your trainer has been going better in more comfortable clothes :)

    It makes me think of shows like Lie to Me and The Mentalist and how body language experts perceive things about our mannerisms and make assumptions about us based on them. Last year I interviewed a body language expert and former FBI agent Joe Navarro and he shared an interesting story. He had been interviewing a suspect in an investigation and as the interview wore on, the person got more and more agitated. Just as he thought she was going to confess, the woman said that she needed to go check on her parking meter. It had nothing to do with her innocence or guilt, it was just because she was anxious about getting her car towed!


  3. I often wear shoes that are not perfectly comfortable, especially for the amount of walking I do in Seattle, but sore feet are well worth the knowledge that I'm not contributing to the Teva pollution in our city :).

  4. I love this post. I can't tell you how many times I've put something on that I end up taking off and switching for something more comfortable. ….great post!

  5. Thank you, Brandi! It\’s true, I\’ve done the exactly the same thing. A lot of times I think an outfit is going to look great in my head and then I end up changing for something more flattering.


  6. No prob! haha…yeah it definitely is a small world in the church! that's so fun! they're awesome. and that's a sweet post. they do got style!

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