Farewell, Utah | Hello, Seattle!

Photo: Michael Holden

After nearly five years in Utah, my husband and I moved to Seattle this week, a bittersweet change. Being from the Northwest, I’m happy to be back but sad to leave behind wonderful friendships and clients. Thanks to technology, the world is becoming flat and we’re never that far away.

When I arrived in Utah in 2007, I didn’t realize what a game changer our time there would be. After I started working with my business and life coach Lisa J. Peck, I was led to image consulting, attended the Conselle Institute of Image Management to earn my certification and be mentored by the illustrious Judith Rasband.

Sarah with Judith Rasband

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, I had never left until I moved to Utah. This allowed me to reinvent myself, choose the life I wanted to live, and develop rich relationships with people I never would have known otherwise. To all the people we met in Utah who changed our lives, thank you.

With that in mind, I’m confident that this chapter of our lives holds new fulfilling opportunities and relationships and I’m excited to turn the page and discover what’s in store.

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