Etiquette’s Impact on Our Relationships

etiquette-advantage-in-business-peter-postRecently while speaking to a group in Vancouver, Canada, Peter Post from the Emily Post Institute had this to say about etiquette:

“[Etiquette is about] building better, more successful relationships in your life.  It’s not telling you what to do, it’s not about rules, it’s about giving you strategies to be more successful as you interact with other people.”

Etiquette may manifest itself in your life as you turn off your phone ringer when  visiting with a friend, wear nice clothes to a friend’s wedding, send a thank you note, or even simply chew with your mouth closed.  While these social niceties may not be clearly evident at the time, if you showed up to your best friend’s wedding wearing your pajamas, the lack of respect would become quite glaringly obvious.

Ultimately, etiquette communicates your respect for other people.  Practicing good etiquette in your life will help you to be comfortable in your surroundings, confident in your interactions, and have a positive impact your relationships.

How has etiquette had an impact on your life?

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