Dresses to Wear for a Hot Date on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you know what that means — a fabulous excuse to dress up and paint the town for your hot date! If you needs some suggestions on dresses to wear on a hot date this Valentine’s Day that leave something to the imagination, here’s a few divine dresses we couldn’t resist sharing.

Chiffon Contrast Dress from Wise & Proper

This chiffon contrast dress from Vancouver-based Wise & Proper is part little black dress, part irresistible sass with the fushia underlay that will shine through as he spins you out on the dance floor.

Ski Bop dress by Shabby Apple

For a little sultry jazz flavor, the Ski Bop maroon dress with a flirty ruffle peplum is a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day.

Drape Neck Shift Dress from Victoria Beckham

The Drape Neck Shift from Victoria Beckham is love at first sight. The glorious collar will show off your collarbone while the banded belt creates an hourglass silhouette. Love, love, love.

Memphis Style Dress from Mod Cloth

To celebrate Valentine’s Day with spice and flavor, the Memphis Style Dress is where it’s at. This asymmetrical beauty has ruffles galore and is dying to get out on the dance floor.

So what do you see yourself wearing for your hot date on Valentine’s Day?

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2 Responses to Dresses to Wear for a Hot Date on Valentine’s Day

  1. brenda says:

    That first dress! I want it! It would be so perfect for the Valentine's dance I am going to.

  2. Can I just say, Brenda, that Wise & Proper dresses are amazing! You would love it. Have a great Valentine's!

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