Dress Fashionably On Campus this Winter Semester

Last week, I wrote a blog for My Colleges and careers about how to dress fashionably during the winter that we can all appreciate. Enjoy!

Living on the top of the Rocky Mountains, winter comes too soon and lasts far too long. When the mercury drops, it’s so tempting to stay warm in your bed instead of braving the winter winds outside, but who can realistically maintain a 4.0 GPA from their bedroom? (Unless you’re an online college student, but that’s another story.) Students at college campuses in places with prolonged winters need ways to dress fashionably and stay warm. Here are some back to school tips on how to dress fashionably on campus this winter semester.

  1. She's in fashion: Swift enjoyed her stroll around the French     capital in an all-black outfit teamed with bright red hat
    Taylor Swift wearing a red hat. Photo: Splash NewsBoots

    Boots. One of the best parts of winter fashion is the boots. You can go sportive with comfortable flat riding boots (horse not required), or embrace your inner yetti with a pair of faux fur boots.

  2. Scarves. Especially if you have short hair (that includes you, boys!) scarves can protect your neck from the biting wind. There are even great detachable cowls that you can snag.
  3. Layer! The strategy on the slopes is the same as on campus. Wearing multiple layers are a great strategy to stay warm during winter semester. As air is trapped between the layers, it has a magnificent insulating effect. Try a long sleeve Tee, a zip up hoodie, and a vest under your winter coat. You can shed layers as you heat up.
  4. Leggings. While leggings all on their own may not be uber-warm, layering them underneath your jeans can give you an extra buffer against the cold. Vera Wang’s velvet leggings from Kohl’s are affordable and will keep you toasty.
  5. Cashmere. So, we get that you’re on a college budget which may not include cashmere, but hear me out. Cashmere can be found at economical stores like Old Navy, or even at thrift shops if you have a good eye. My closet boasts a luxurious Irish cashmere sweater that I scored for $4 at a thrift shop. It can be done.
  6. Cover your head. Since we lose 10% of our body heat by leaving out heads exposed, wear a hat, beanie, or knit uber headband to trap the heat in. And have you seen Taylor Swift wearing a darling red beanie recently in Paris? You’ll want to rock one, too.

What’s your tip for staying warm and fashionable during the winter?

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