Dress Code 101


jersey-shore-exampleJersey Shore is a popular new reality TV show in which people dress in clothes that are far too small for while showcasing extreme cleavage.

To set the record straight on their dress code, a bar in New Orleans, Republic, says, “If it’s on Jersey Shore, it’s not coming through the door.”  That sounds good to me!

Would you agree?

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11 thoughts on “Dress Code 101

  1. That's hilarious!!! But it definitely states thepolicy of the establishment in a clever way. By using a currently popular hit show, they are ensuring that they'll reach their target audience and also those who may not watch.

  2. Isn't that great, Ellen? The wild thing is that this photo of the billboard went completely viral and is all over the internet. They're quite famous now! You're right, it's a great way to get the message out there.

  3. That's an interesting point, Liz. Perhaps this will inspire other organizations to set similar standards for their clientele. It's an uphill battle, but individual efforts make a difference.

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