Do We Develop Our Style From Childhood?

Earlier this week, I was at Staples and saw this little girl, cute as a button, running through the parking lot after her father. Adorned in a darling pink and white outfit with a ruffled skirt and blonde pigtails, she was the epitome of femininity.

(Sidebar: I’d like to note that I don’t make it a practice of taking photos of other people’s children in public. Since my readers have asked for photos of examples like this, here we go.)

It was then I noticed her older sister, wearing a red and black buffalo check button front shirt with blue slim jeans, brown riding boots and a Canadian mountie’s hat. In the image below, you can even see the girl salute the woman at the counter before leaving the store.

The two sisters’ personal style was like night and day, yin and yang. These girls couldn’t have been older than six and yet they already had such clearly defined personal styles.

My mentor Judith Rasband, the Image Expert, tells a story about her father bringing her gifts when she was a girl — frilly frocks that were far too feminine for her personal style. Already at a young age, she knew the boundaries of her personal style.

Do you think that personal style is something we cultivate from childhood? Have you seen evidence of this in your life?

2 thoughts on “Do We Develop Our Style From Childhood?

  1. Yes! I think so.. Personal style is cultivated from childhood. However there are some who are known to be "boyish" when they were young and end up to be an epitome of femininity and great fashion style when they grew up. Yet there are still popular women known for their good fashion statement today and since they were young.

  2. Arai, it\’s interesting you say that — a good friend of mine growing up wore very simple clothes but has subsequently developed a very feminine personal style because she didn\’t have the opportunity as a child. Our experiences have a big impact on our style and preferences.

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