Do the Tangerine Tango

This is our 300th blog post! Yay!

Looking for ways to do the tangerine tango this year? If you haven’t watched it yet, check out our video on 7 ways to integrate orange into your life in 2012 and check out the inspiration photos below!

One of the Olsen twins embraces tangerine tango to the max with this orange dress and shoulder detailing. <3

From Anthopologie

Embrace color blocking that incorporates tangerine tango.

If the bright tangerine tango is too vivid for you, this patterned skirt is a more muted shade.

Make orange your accent color with this pair of shocking skinny jeans.

While you probably wouldn’t wear tangerine tango on your lips for everyday use, but why not look for a lip color with some orange in it, like this one?

What are you wearing when you dance the tangerine tango this year?

3 thoughts on “Do the Tangerine Tango

  1. Tangerine Tango is a BRILLIANT color. I'd love to have a TT pencil skirt! From this post I heart:
    1.The TT skinny jeans
    2. One of the Olsen twins (so sad. I don't if it's MK or Ash!)


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