DIY: How to Organize Belts in Your Closet

As we’ve been settling into our Seattle home, one thing that was in a state of disarray for weeks were my belts, thrown in a haphazard pile in my closet. If your belts are in a similar state of chaos, Martha Stewart has this clever and affordable way of organizing belts in your closet.

Using a wooden clamp hanger, drill some holes in either side and screw in cup holders to hang your belts on. Voila! No wall holes required.

Do you have a clever way to organize your belts?

5 thoughts on “DIY: How to Organize Belts in Your Closet

  1. If you want something already pre-fabricated, I bought a tie/belt hanger at Lowe\’s for my husband and it would do the trick as well. Congrats on your first giveaway, Sophie!

  2. That's true. DIY closet renovation. If you find it hard to organize your closet (probably it has only one rack and one shelf), you can browse for guides on how to install a rack or shelf online. You don’t need to be an expert builder or have a background in carpentry. You can find information on DIY renovation online as well as video tutorials. To get accurate sizes, give your measurements to your local hardware store.

  3. Pick a guy or gal who is going to be honest with you. if you’ve got a god-awful blazer or two hanging out in your “maybe” pile, you’d want a good friend to help you throw it away, right? Having a friend around will also make the daunting task of cleaning and organizing a little more enjoyable. be careful to pick someone who you know will keep you on task.

  4. Drilling the hole with some portable and light weight drill is quite easy. I have 2 drills which are portable small and fast enough to make a hole of up to 15-20 inch hole in minutes. Thanks

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