Dazzled by Sally Hansen Nail Strips: Glitz Blitz

Last week, I attended the Seattle Blogger Meetup and one of the panelists, Megan from Not Martha, had the cutest gold glitter mani that I could not stop staring at. (If I were a fish, I would be in big trouble.)

I chatted with Megan afterwards and it turns out this gold glitter polish wasn’t a polish at all, but Sally Hansen nail strips! I may need to give these babies a try…

Sally Hansen Glitz Blitz $8.54

I also couldn’t help but notice how Megan bore an amazing resemblance to Sara from White Collar. (By the way, that would be a really challenging job to get all dolled up and play opposite of Matt Bomer’s Neal Caffrey, decked out in his delicious suits.)

Photo: buzzfocus.com
Photo: FanPop.com

Aaaaand we’re off track.

Have you tried Sally Hansen’s nail strips?

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