Daily Outfit: Snow Day

This week, Seattle received an unprecedented 6″ to 12″ of snow, completely out of character for the West Coast! Snow is always the best when you can be home to enjoy it and that’s exactly what we did — had a snow day in. We let the kitties check out the snow, though they didn’t make it off the back deck.

Outfit Breakdown

  • Faux leather bomber jacket – Target
  • Faux shearling vest – JLo for Kohl’s
  • Teal cowl neck sweater – Gap
  • Bronze coin necklace and earrings – handcrafted by blue bijou
  • Skinny jeans – Shade Clothing
  • Boots – Famous Footwear

What do you wear to stay warm on snow days?

3 thoughts on “Daily Outfit: Snow Day

  1. I wear a onesie because you would rarely find me outside when there is snow, mostly because I have no appropriate snow day clothes. I'm one of those people who wear summer clothes for as long as possible but snow is just too far. Love the outfit though!

    Dinx @ Lovely in Random xoxo

  2. Diane, it seems like onseies are the big trend these days! I hear you there, I don\’t have many clothes appropriate for snow days either. After all the snow turned slush, it seems like everyone in town could do to have a pair of rubber boots. Thanks for the kudos :)

    xoxo, Sarah

  3. Sarah, I'd like permission to use your lovely photo, "Kitten tracks in snow", on a Christmas card (probably on the back), for family/friends only (not for mass production or sale). I will credit you. Please let me know if it's OK & if there's a charge. Thanks in advance. PS. This is a clearer, better photo of kitten tracks in snow than anything else I've found (Canstock, Shutterstock, etc.) so you might think about offering it for sale to them. I don't know how to go about that, but they must buy their photos, because you have to pay to use them.

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