Daily Outfit – Seeing Red | The Rule of Layering

I have been wearing a lot of red lately since it is a color that grounds me. The idea of layering the turtleneck for warmth ended up working wonderfully! If you want to try a similar look, this is the layering rule of thumb:

Every layer to the outside must be visually or actually heavier.

In other words, you won’t be wearing a light chiffon blouse over a thick wool sweater, it would just look ridiculous. But you could wear a silk turtleneck underneath a wool sweater, for example.

Outfit Breakdown

  • Red dress – Shabby Apple (also worn here and here)
  • Black turtleneck – Gap
  • Belt – RW&Co.
  • Tights – Kohl’s
  • Ankle booties – Naturalizer

What’s your favorite way to layer?

PS: Today’s blog was inspired by Freckles in April, a blog that’s doing a 10 day winter challenge. Today’s challenge was to wear something bright!

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