Daily Outfit: It Was All Olive

I admit, when I was told during my image consulting training that the color olive was flattering on me, I was immediately resistant. Maybe because it was boring. Maybe because it was too old lady. Whatever the case, I didn’t like the idea of wearing olive. But when I found this dress, olive was non-negotiable. The angular print won me over and olive was part of the package. And now olive and me, we’re just fine.

Outfit Breakdown

  • Sunglasses – AE
  • Black turtleneck – Gap
  • Olive dress – modbod
  • Leggings – Kohl’s
  • Boots – Frye @ Macy’s

Is there a color that looks good on you that you resist?

I’ll tell you what I couldn’t resist is these Frye boots!

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24 Responses to Daily Outfit: It Was All Olive

  1. Rebecca H says:

    Great dress! Love the pattern! Olive definitely looks great on you.

    Rebecca (hearts)…

  2. Lauren says:

    Yes it looks fantastic on you! love this outfit, you look so classy!

  3. Kelly Jo says:

    I would wear this outfit in a heartbeat! Love Love Love it!

  4. Courtney says:

    The color of the dress looks great on you, and so does the cut. Very fun.



  5. What a gorgeous dress! It looks amazing on you. And I am so jealous of those fabulous boots!

    See Me Rwar

  6. Thanks Rebecca! Once I saw the pattern, I knew I couldn't resist. How are things going in SLC for you?

  7. You're a peach Lauren, thanks a million :)

  8. Thanks so much Kelly Jo! Glad you appreciate it.

  9. Thanks Courtney. I don't mind layering underneath the dress for warmth.

  10. Thanks Rebecca! The boots were an absolute steal — they were the last on the floor for a whopping 50% off!

  11. Rebecca H says:

    Great! Still unseasonably warm, which I love! Hope you're enjoying Seattle!

  12. That is SO strange for SLC. Seattle is great — and it seems to get more sun than people give it credit for which I'm lapping up :)

  13. Michelle says:

    This a great outfit and I always resist the color pink. I love your hair.

  14. choosingyou says:

    I love this dress. And you and Olive make a nice couple!

  15. Thanks Michelle! There are lots of women in your shoes who resist the color pink as well. Having short hair is a ton of fun. Very easy to maintain as well.

  16. Thanks choosingyou! Isn\’t it a fun dress? These tunic length dresses make great layering pieces and have become a staple in my closet.

  17. Brandi says:

    So jealous of your fryes!!


  18. Pet ID Tags says:

    I love the hair and the style of the dress. So preppy but it has its own style to show off the world. I guess I would follow your fashion sense. So cool yet it looks fabulous.

  19. Photo into painting says:

    Fashion always go along with the choice of color. Color is one important factor to enhance the beauty of a particular thing, whether it's for fashion, photography and art. It gives a certain character. But it still how you manage yourself with that clothes put on. And you did a good job. You carried it with style and fashion. It showed in these photos.

  20. Lingerie says:

    You're right! You are looking great with olive. The dress doesn't look boring. It's cut and pattern look good on you.

  21. Alexandria says:

    Hello there! You look fantastic, I have to say! I love your outfit and your haircut! I have found your blog while searching for Frye boots so I hope it is ok to ask you are these Melissa Logo boots and how tall are you? I am 5'4 and I am concern about the shaft height….Thank you!

  22. Thank you Alexandria for your lovely words — this is one of my favorite pieces. By all means — I\’m 5\’6\”ish and the shaft on these Frys boots are definitely higher than most boots I have worn before. That said I have a pretty average calves so you would probably be okay. The leather is absolutely glorious though — you can totally tell that they put TLC into their craftmanship. I\’d give them a go. Worst case scenario, you take them back and get a refund. Honestly I get compliments on them all the time. Let me know how they turn out for you!

  23. Alexandria says:

    Thank you! I will take some more time to think, I live in Europe now so it is too complicated to take them back and first of all it is not that easy to choose without trying them on first. But, I am addicted to Frye:) I have 7 Frye boots already , my first one lasts for more than 10 years now and still look perfect! Great quality and style. And they look great on you!

  24. Wow, 7 pairs of Frye boots?! Incredible. This is my first pair so I\’m stoked to hear they\’ll last for a long time :) Where in Europe do you live?

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