Daily Outfit: It Was All Olive

I admit, when I was told during my image consulting training that the color olive was flattering on me, I was immediately resistant. Maybe because it was boring. Maybe because it was too old lady. Whatever the case, I didn’t like the idea of wearing olive. But when I found this dress, olive was non-negotiable. The angular print won me over and olive was part of the package. And now olive and me, we’re just fine.

Outfit Breakdown

  • Sunglasses – AE
  • Black turtleneck – Gap
  • Olive dress – modbod
  • Leggings – Kohl’s
  • Boots – Frye @ Macy’s

Is there a color that looks good on you that you resist?

I’ll tell you what I couldn’t resist is these Frye boots!

24 thoughts on “Daily Outfit: It Was All Olive

  1. I love the hair and the style of the dress. So preppy but it has its own style to show off the world. I guess I would follow your fashion sense. So cool yet it looks fabulous.

  2. Fashion always go along with the choice of color. Color is one important factor to enhance the beauty of a particular thing, whether it's for fashion, photography and art. It gives a certain character. But it still how you manage yourself with that clothes put on. And you did a good job. You carried it with style and fashion. It showed in these photos.

  3. Hello there! You look fantastic, I have to say! I love your outfit and your haircut! I have found your blog while searching for Frye boots so I hope it is ok to ask you are these Melissa Logo boots and how tall are you? I am 5'4 and I am concern about the shaft height….Thank you!

  4. Thank you Alexandria for your lovely words — this is one of my favorite pieces. By all means — I\’m 5\’6\”ish and the shaft on these Frys boots are definitely higher than most boots I have worn before. That said I have a pretty average calves so you would probably be okay. The leather is absolutely glorious though — you can totally tell that they put TLC into their craftmanship. I\’d give them a go. Worst case scenario, you take them back and get a refund. Honestly I get compliments on them all the time. Let me know how they turn out for you!

  5. Thank you! I will take some more time to think, I live in Europe now so it is too complicated to take them back and first of all it is not that easy to choose without trying them on first. But, I am addicted to Frye:) I have 7 Frye boots already , my first one lasts for more than 10 years now and still look perfect! Great quality and style. And they look great on you!

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