Daily Outfit: Call Your Girlfriend [Pinspiration]

Ever since I can remember, Victoria Beckham has been a style icon of mine. From her hair to her wardrobe, I am continually inspired by her style choices. This weekend for date night with my husband, my Pinspiration came from Victoria Beckham.

Earrings – Karma Boutique on Main | Scarf – modbod store | Blazer – Suzy Shier | Tunic – The Powder Room Clutch – Pesky Cat Designs on Etsy | Faux leather pants – Target | Booties – Macy’s 

Something about Saturday night, a smoky eye, and changing the part of my hair made this graffiti’d bridge the perfect location to shoot.

PS: If you’ve never seen the one shot video of Robyn’s Call Your Girlfriend, watch it!

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26 thoughts on “Daily Outfit: Call Your Girlfriend [Pinspiration]

  1. You are so kind, thank you for the kudos on the outfits and the shooting location! I don't know about you, but the shorter days have meant so many indoor photos that it was such a breath of fresh air to shoot outside again!

    Happy Monday!

  2. Shana! So happy to connect with you on the blogosphere! Isn't Robyn the best? I LOVE her! And the video just adds to her awesome-ness. To do that all in one shot? Impressive! She performed on SNL either last year or the year before and did the entire choreography LIVE. Unreal.

    Thanks so much for the lovely words! I love your long hair, so there's some vicarious living going on both ways.

    Will have to participate in your thrifters anonymous link up! Can I use a previous outfit?


  3. Victoria has great style because it is always changing.I love this edgy outfit. Is that blue temporary or permanent, love it? Sarah, I sent a few pictures for your short hair post and excited to participate.


  4. Vicky B certainly has that certain something. I love your look and you're right about the killer photo location! These are some great shots! I always love graffiti in the background and don't shoot around it enough. xo

  5. thanks for popping by so I could discover your oober stylish blog lady! Love it!
    I adore that you took inspiration and didn't actually just copy the outfit, as so many people do- nothing wrong with it, but I love to see twist on it…like w scarf and boot instead. You look killer:)
    Following along on FB and looking forward to seeing more of your posts.
    Call Your Girlfriend is one of my FAV songs, huge fan of her and laidback luke collabs…house music lover over here!

  6. great look!! I love your inspiration in Victoria Beckham and how you made it your own look. Your hair is totally rockin' too!!! I so wish I could pull off a hair cut like your's. =)

  7. Carrie, I actually read a quote from Victoria Beckham somewhere that she doesn't keep up with trends at all and that her fashion inspiration is Tilda Swinton! (!!) Shocking, but it's definitely working for her.

    The blue in my hair is actually extensions, I absolutely love it! I'm too chicken to dye my hair (Asian hair doesn't dye easily) so the girl I go to has all these fun color extensions. So far the blue is my favorite. So glad to have you participating in the short hair post!

  8. Agreed, Lindsay, she always has had that look! She wore that black shift dress for so long in Spice Girls that her look has totally diversified since then. Isn't it a great space? SODO is filled with fab photo locations. xo

  9. Carly, so happy to be connected with you, stylish lady! (PS: So stoked about your giveaway) What a fresh perspective, yes, it's nice to be inspired and then put our own spin with it. Thank you for the lovely feedback!
    Totally with you on that, love love love house music!

  10. Hi Sarah! I couldn't reply back to your comment on my blog post but I wanted to get back to you before I forgot to! I've posted about Instagram (and my photos from my account) once before so the post you saw was my second post. I find that posting about is fun and a good way to get your readers interacting with other forms of social media. Some may already know about your account and others may not become a follower, but I do like to post about it every once in a while. I also think posting lets you elaborate a bit more than you can on Instagram. =)

  11. What a fabulous look! You look so chic! And I love Victoria Beckham, she is such a style icon! Great post!

    xo, Kenya

    Kenya L Fashion Blog

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