Daily Outfit: A Little Romance

After all the dynamic stop-you-in-your-tracks red that I’ve been wearing, when Valentines Day rolled around, I was in the mood for some romance.

And this shawl fit the bill perfectly. When I was in Portland over the summer, I found this vintage piano shawl at an antique boutique in a blush color that wasn’t only a killer deal, but complimented my skin tone marvelously. In flamenco, these large shawls are called mantons and are tied in beautiful ways and used as an accessory during dances. I can’t wait to create a flamenco costume around this shawl!

Outfit Breakdown

  • Gold diamond chandelier earrings – gift
  • Blush V-neck – Gap
  • Blush flamenco manton – thrifted
  • White slacks – Gap
  • Red nail polish – Essie
  • Nude shoes – some shoe store I can’t recall…

What did you wear on Valentines Day?

9 thoughts on “Daily Outfit: A Little Romance

  1. Very unique shawl! The pattern and colors are gorgeous. By the way, each time I visit your blog, I admire your short hair do. So cute! I normally have chin length hair, but have been growing mine out for over a year to donate. Have loved it on and off, but with about 3 inches to go… I'm getting so anxious to chop it off!

  2. Isn\’t it a great piece, Van? A lot of people hang them on their pianos but some things are too beautiful not to wear. Short hair is so much fun! I\’ve been toying around with the idea of growing mine out to a bob which is so fun as well, but it never seems to get there. Do you have plans for what you\’re going to do with your hair after you get to the target length and donate it? Oh the possibilities!

  3. Hi
    Love the shawl pictures! How are you wearing it? I ask, as I struggle to stop mine slipping off…In the 2nd picture, yours seems to have a tie/belt attached?

  4. Hi Krissy, thanks for the nice compliment! In this photo, I have it draped over my shoulders and secured underneath an obi belt. You could probably enlist the help of a safety pin as well to hold it in place by pinning it to whatever you\’re wearing underneath it. Not sure if you\’ve considered wearing it this way, but as a flamenco dancer, another common way to wear a manton is like this:
    1. Fold it in half
    2. Hold the longest part of the triangle up to your chest, under your arms
    3. Take the ends and criss-cross them across your back
    4. Pull them up over each shoulder and pin.
    Hope this helps! -Sarah

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