Currently Coveting: Momentum Handbag Clutch and Tassel

Recently at a women’s show, I discovered a local gem from Friday Harbor called Momentum Handbag headed up by the funky and fabulous Winnie Brumsickle. Or more accurately, I fell in love. And couldn’t bring myself to leave without one of her fabulous handcrafted one-of-a-kind handbags.

This Clutch and Tassel numberĀ is the embodiment of fabulous. Naturally it sold, but don’t worry, Winnie can make more! Check out Momentum Handbag on Facebook to see the latest designs.

Here’s a few more pieces to whet your appetite.

Momentum Handbag - Becky in Burnt Poppy $237
Momentum Handbag - Concert Bag $142
This Momentum Handbag design is the one I completely fell for. Seen on my shoulder everywhere.
Can't get enough of my Momentum Handbag!
Momentum Handbag - Petra Clutch $142

If you’re looking for a high quality leather handbag with a chic, modern, western flair to it, Momentum Handbag might be just the ticket! As my new pal Winnie says, “You vote with every purchase you make” so buy local!

8 thoughts on “Currently Coveting: Momentum Handbag Clutch and Tassel

  1. anything with fringe and im in! thanks for the welcome! i have been in olympia but actually am moving to seattle this weekend, im so excited!! i would love to check out the larger blogger group you mentioned, how would i get in contact with that? i am actually from pa, not canada, but i really want to go to bc soon!!


  2. thanks for chiming in, Jessica! oh so the move to seattle isn't too far at all. for some reason i thought your domain was, sorry for the confusion! re: the seattle blogger meetup group, here's the URL on facebook:… — you may be able to request to join the group, though you may need to be invited on facebook from someone who's currently a member. let me know if that works for you, otherwise we can troubleshoot. -Sarah

  3. These purses are great, but can I just tell you how much I love that skirt you have on (pair with the brown boots)? The ruffled hem is amazing!


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